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Our Award


Australian Food Award

VGP017 - Cereal and Muesli (Value-Add Grain Product\Cereal and Muesli)

Gold Award - MYSHEE Kids Yummy-Chia Instant Oats

Sliver Award - MYSHEE Ultra Muesli

Bronze Award - MYSHEE Kids Yummy-Carob Instant Oats

Bronze Award - MYSHEE Teens Craob-Chia Brekky

Bronze Award -MYSHEE Teens Super-Mulberry Brekky


Sydney Royal Fine Food Show

(Speciality Products category)

Silver Award - MYSHEE Deluxe Granola

Bronze Award - MYSHEE Family Pack


Judge's Comments

Great base product, perfect ratio of fruit, and simplicity executed well. Blended with care to create an integrated sweetness, great all round product.

Would be good to see mulberry, good balance of spice, nicely rounded.

Great use of carob, very clever, would be beneficial to have a slightly thinner oat,however great texture to the overall product.

Great product, good to see carob used well, lovely product.