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Myshee, Healthy Your Way!

Myshee Group Pty Ltd is based in Mt Kuring-gai in the state of New South Wales in Australia. The Myshee Group factory selects the latest crop of the finest raw materials, which we then use to delicately create the most unique flavours in the market today. 

We currently have two production lines: the nuts range and the superfoods range. Our production team is led by our award winning production manager, who was represented the national culinary team of Emirates and won 3 gold medals from the chefs Olympic game in Dublin Ireland and was invited by the Youth Olympic Games Committee in 2014 as an Advisor in Dining.


We also work with independent food scientists to ensure all our products are consistently meeting high standards of nutrition and quality. 


The leading founder is Paul Meyer, who is currently the Managing Director of Myshee Group Pty Ltd. He began the story by creating the LIMEYER CO. TRUST, and upon Elle in 2014, they discovered their shared passion for healthy and nutritious living.


It all started with a local school program to encourage the young generation to eat healthy breakfasts, and enjoy the fun of having real food regularly.  The programme was carried out by Myshee with enthusiastic local schools in Hills area Sydney ( West Pennant Hills). Myshee provided all the individual organically derived ingredients, getting students involved in mixing and matching themselves to create their own personal breakfast containing a variety of healthy and fresh gradients. 


After the programme, parents searched shelves in the supermarkets and healthy food outlets, but they could not find any product like those enjoyed with the trial program: real oats and all 17 goodies in one bag. As busy as today’s parents are, it is impossible for them to source and cook all the ingredients at home. It is both time consuming and quite costly.


The reaction from everyone who tried the product was overwhelming. They loved both product and the brand, which gave us the confidence we needed to keep going.


As the business grew, we at Myshee started working with Australian farmers to get the best supplies we could find and refine the manufacturing process. Momentum was growing in the acquisition of ingredients and production. Thanks to all our team’s hard work and loyal support, on the 1st September 2016, Myshee launched the Myshee Deluxe Granola commercially.


Over the past year, more and more satisfied customers gave Myshee tremendous support to go forward, and Myshee will guarantee in providing excellent customer service and products made with the best naturally grown ingredients available, and will deliver a product that excels in every way. We have learnt to keep it simple, trust our insights and value who we are. Most importantly we aim to have some fun, and do some good in assisting healthy active lives.